Our Values
Talent is our most valued resource. All talents will be paid according to their skills and contributions. Our dynamic salary system motivates all employees and teams to give the fullest play to their value.
Our Source Power
What we offer you is not just a job but a career that you can choose to fight for your life. Join CSCONN and you will have the opportunity to witness the birth of a great company and be a part of it. Thousands of professionals are working hard in our company to contribute to global economic development.
Our Welfare
Since the establishment of CSCONN, we have been committed to providing employees with the best development platform. In addition to competitive salary and exciting position, we strive to create a working atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to make bold innovation, dare to try new things and give full play to their potential.
If you want to practice or work in CSCONN, please send your letter of self-recommendation and CV to:
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