Welcome to Customization Era
CSCONN has engaged in the field of connectors for more than 20 years, which has laid a solid foundation for its development in the era of customization. Based on the excepted market needs and development trend, CSCONN is committed to developing cutting-edge technologies through an ambitious research and development plan. Every year, the Company invests more than 10% of its sales revenue in developing and manufacturing new products. At present, we have more than 200 excellent electrical, mechanical and process engineers in our two development centers to provide customers with a complete set of connector product solutions in fields of IoT, Internet of Vehicles, communication equipment, industrial machinery, medical care, household appliances, consumer electronics, instruments and military goods.

Advanced Customization Modes

What you dare not imagine will become reality in CSCONN. CSCONN offers a variety of modes of customization to help customers reduce development costs and the percentage of funds for early development of all funds. At the early stage of product development, CSCONN will send designers and engineers to your company to better understand your business, which will greatly shorten the development period, enable you to adapt to the process and integrate new products, and offer you help when you need it.

Our goal is not only to meet your expectations, but also to exceed them.

Innovative Technology

In the era of customization, innovation is more important than ever. CSCONN constantly innovates its technologies, drives its development with technological innovation, and creates advantages for our customers by shortening the time to market and mass production, and providing comprehensive cost-effective solutions.

Cooperate with CSCONN and you will benefit from the comprehensive technology and knowledge provided by our R&D center and two development centers. CSCONN shares information with the best practices through network-based knowledge management and enables talents with different skills to work closely together to ensure that all our customers can benefit from our innovative technology.

Wide Range of Products
Focusing on meeting customer needs, CSCONN is committed to developing excellent products, optimizing the full range of product, and constantly strengthening product supply in the target market. From standard connectors to specially customized connectors, we have tens of thousands of connector products for customers to choose from.
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